Hi, my name is Piotr and I am creating this blog for you! 🙂

I am more than happy that You’ve decided to devote your time to learning more about the Codersee.  

I am a passionate Software Engineer who’s been creating back-end applications for multiple industries. I specialize in Java, Kotlin, and Spring Framework development.  I love learning new technologies and sharing my knowledge with others and that’s the main reason why I’ve decided to create this platform.

I believe that practical, code-focused examples are the best way to improve your skills.

Why is it worth reading this blog?

If you have ever wanted:

then Codersee is just the place you’re probably looking for.

One more thing...

I’m not a guru, I make mistakes and I’m continuously trying to learn from experience. If you feel that you don’t agree with something or you believe I can do anything better, please let me know about it in a comment, or contact me here.

Thanks a lot for your time and I hope we’ll meet on Codersee.

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