What is Kotlin and Why Should You Learn It?

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1. Introduction

If you have ever been wondering what is Kotlin, or why is it worth spending your time learning it, then this video definitely will be helpful for you.

No matter, whether you are new to programming, or you already know another programming language- Kotlin definitely is definitely worth checking out in 2022. Developed by the JetBrains team (which you might already know as the creators of IntelliJ) is widely used for Android and server side development- including Spring Boot, Micronaut and Ktor frameworks.

2. What is Kotlin and Why Should You Learn It – YouTube Video

With that being said, let’s have spend together a few minutes on Kotlin definition, history and finally, what exactly you can use it for:



I really hope that this video will encourage you to at least give Kotlin a try. Trust me, no matter whether you are a total beginner, or just like me, you have a previous experience with Java- you won’t regret it.

Whatsoever, this is an inaugural video of my YouTube channel and I would love to hear a feedback from you. If you would like me to record videos on any particular topic or share some suggestions, please let me know either in the comments, or through the contact form.

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Hi there! 👋

Hi there! 👋

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