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Collections Functions Part 2

Collections Functions Part 2 In this lesson, we’re going to continue the topic and learn a couple more interesting collection functions.  find / findLast The

Mocking with MockK

Mocking With Mockk In this lesson, we’re gonna learn what exactly is mocking, why we need it, and what’s even more important- how to make


Introduction In this module, we’re gonna learn more about unit testing in Kotlin. Of course, this won’t be a detailed course on this matter. The

Testing With JUnit

Testing With JUnit In this lesson, we’re gonna learn how to write tests using JUnit 5 and verify results using the kotlin.test assertions.    Anatomy

Kotlin Test Frameworks & Libraries

Kotlin Test Frameworks & Libraries In this lesson, I’d like to quickly introduce different Kotlin testing libraries and frameworks. And although in this module we

@BeforeAll & @BeforeEach

@BeforeAll & @BeforeEach In this lesson, we’re gonna learn more about the @BeforeEach and @BeforeAll annotations, which can help us reduce the amount of the

Parametrized Tests

Parametrized Tests In the previous lesson, we learned how to use @Before* and @After* annotations to automate repetitive tasks, making the code more concise and

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