16 IntelliJ Shortcuts That Will Boost Your Productivity

The image presents IntelliJ IDEA logo and a blurred keyborad in the background.

1. Introduction

In this video I would like to show you 16 IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts, which definitely will help you when working on your projects.

But before we move to the clue of this tutorial I would like to mention that IntelliJ IDEA, as almost every program or tool comes with plenty of keyboard shortcuts and you should not try to memorize them all. Moreover, this is just a short subset of many shortcuts, which may be helpful depending on what exactly you are working on.

Given these points, and as always, I highly encourage you to check out this material, try out on your own and figure out what’s working best for you.

2. 16 IntelliJ Shortcuts Video

Please find the video covering all 16 shortcuts below. Please keep in mind that this is one of my first tutorials in a video form and I am still learning and trying to improve my skills to ship better content in the future πŸ™‚



3. Summary

If you enjoyed this material, I will be happy if you would like to share some feedback about this video covering IntelliJ shortcuts with me- either in the comment sections, or by using the contact form.

I am not a guru, I am making mistakes and I am constantly learning new things- especially the ones related to teaching others and presenting my knowledge in an approachable manner. And that’s the reason why I’m asking you, dear reader, about feedback in almost every material. At the end of the day this is your point of view I am interested the most and your criticism helps Codersee to be a better platform.

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